Being pregnant is such an exciting time in any mom or mom to be's life.  There is so much to do to prepare for baby, whether this is your first baby or 4th.  From watching your diet, water intake, balancing work, rest and exercise and getting the nursery ready it's easy to forget to document this beautiful process.  After all this is the only time you will be pregant with this beautiful baby.  If you're not sure if you really want to book a maternity session head on over to my blog to help you decide.

Not Sure if a Maternity session is for you?

Let me help by telling you Yes it is!  Although a typical pregnancy only lasts for 9 months and it can feel like an eternity; you will only be pregnant once with that sweet baby. Capturing your beautiful pregnancy glow when your belly is at it's fullest is really capturing an intangible moment and making it a memory.  If you're still not convinced I wrote a blog post just for you- Why you should schedule a Maternity Session!   

Celebrating the creation of a new life.

Celebrating the creation of a new life.

What types of Maternity Sessions do you offer?

There are 2 types of Maternity Sessions, so is it's important to know what kind of experience and documentation you want to preserve the memories of your pregnancy.  The 2 types are lifestyle and portrait sessions and each type of session can be customized to your desire and vision in your pre-consultation.  

What is a Lifestyle Maternity Session?

A maternity lifestyle session take place primarily in the nursery and or master bedroom, but really can happen anywhere within your home. Lifestyle sessions capture organic moments of you and your family members.  They are different from portrait sessions in the fact that I will direct you where to go depending on the light in your home but I won't be posing you.  Most of the images are shot with interaction between you and your family and not with you posed looking  at the camera. During your prec-consultation we will customize your session to take place in the places that you spend the most time, doing what you as a couple or as a family have been doing during your pregnancy as well as discuss your wardrobe. As a rule of thumb I encourage moms to wear something that they feel comfortable in that truly reflects their style and personality.  

In home Maternity Session isn't posed but creates connection.

In home Maternity Session isn't posed but creates connection.

What is the difference between a portrait session and Lifestyle Session?

Lifestyle sessions takes place in your home while portrait sessions take place at the location of your choice typically outdoor.  A portrait maternity session  takes place at the location of your choice and most of the time it is an outdoor location, will involve posing you into poses that compliment you in this stage of your pregnancy and often times you will be looking at the camera. Both of these sessions can be done just by yourself or with your husband and can include your older children if you have them.  This session can be done just by yourself or with your spouse and children.  Since this session is posed I will direct you into poses that we have previously discussed in your pre-consultation, customizing them to you.  Your wardrobe can consist of gowns,  dresses or outfits with free flowing fabric that flatter your beautiful belly.  Wanna see what a Lifestyle Maternity Session looks like, visit my blog

Do you offer boudoir maternity sessions?

At this time I don't offer an exclusive Boudoir Maternity Session.  However I have incorporated them into a lifestyle session and portrait session and would be more than willing to do so.

Why wait until I am 31-34 weeks pregnant?

There are numerous reasons for this however, as you approach the final weeks of pregnancy the weight of the baby increases and it makes moving around a lot harder and more exhausting for you.  As well there is always a chance of going into labor early.  This time frame ensures that we capture this beautiful time.  


What is the best time for a Maternity Session?

This session is all about you! Celebrating and capture the joy of your pregnancy. Your belly is big enough to really capture your beauty as a pregnant woman at 31-34 weeks.  For more information on this visit my blog post on What is the best Time for a Maternity Session.

Best time to schedule a Maternity Session

Best time to schedule a Maternity Session

How long does a session last?

A lifestyle session usually takes around 2 hours and a portrait session takes about 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.  In the time frame you are welcome to change outfits and photograph in as many rooms as time will allow.  This time is really all about you and I want your images to reflect you as much as possible.  


I'm worried about how I will look in my images?

This is always a  huge concern for anyone especially when you're pregnant.  I work with you in your pre-session consultation to make sure we design a session around you.  During this pre-consultation we will discuss your concerns as well as what angles you feel like you photograph best in.  As your session draws closer I will give you tips that will help you look your best including helping you pick a wardrobe that reflects you but still makes you feel beautiful.  Want more tips for looking your best for your Maternity Session, go to my blog post on 6 Tips to Making your Maternity Session Successful.


Helpful tips to have a successful Maternity Session

Helpful tips to have a successful Maternity Session

What is a pre-consultation? How long does a pre-consult take?

A pre-consult only takes about 45 minutes to an hour to plan your session.  During this time we will have talk about your vision and desires for your session at length, your wardrobe, whether or not you want show a little skin  getting to know you and ultimatley what you want to do with your images.  I want your session to not only reflect who you are your style but reflect your life and the journey this pregnancy has taken you and your husband on so I can tailor your session according to you.  

When  will my photos be ready and how will I receive them?

At the time of scheduling  your session you will also schedule your gallery reveal to view your gallery of images  2 1/2 to 3 weeks after your session date. This reveal will take place in the comfort of your own home where you will view all of your images from your session and decided what images you would like to purchase.  During this time I will help guide you  through what images would look the best in framed canvases,  barnwood metal prints, as well as albums.  Once you  order is placed, your prints and other products will be delivered in 4-6 weeks.  Session fees start at $223 which includes Jessica's time and talent and doesn't include any digital files.  Collections start at $300.  Most clients invest $500 for their session, digital images, products and prints.  Click here for more session pricing information.


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