What is a Hospital Newborn Session?

Fresh 48 session are done with in the first 48 hours of your baby's birth. The session is designed to capture first moments with you, dad and siblings as well as any grandparents. Some examples of the shots that I would be taking are of the babies in their bassinets, you holding the babies, dad holding the babies, sibling interactions, their feet, their hands.... Visit my blog for a look at what a Fresh 48 or Hospital Newborn Session is.

When and where does a Hospital Newborn Session take place?

The sessions are done in the first 48 hours of your baby’s birth, it will last anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes and takes place in the your recovery room of the hospital or birth center where you gave birth or your home.  

What if my baby is in the NICU?

Not a problem.  You will need to tell me when you call to let me know that your baby has arrived.  You will need to check with your pediatric doctor to make sure that it safe for baby to have first debut.  Although the NICU can be intimidating, this is where your little one started life and beautiful memories can still be documented as long as it is safe for baby.  To see what a session can look like in the NICU,  click here.  If for some reason your baby's doctor doesn't think it's a good idea there are other options that we can considered.

How will I schedule my session?

Since baby’s don’t come at a scheduled date and time I will be in contact with you the week prior to the big day, to see how things are going.  Once you have gone into active  labor please have your spouse/partner or someone on your birth team  call or text me to let me know you are in active labor and that baby will be here soon.   

After your baby/babies have arrived you or your spouse can call or text me and we will then decide on a what time will work best for both you and your family and your new baby/babies within normal daylight visiting hours.  In considering having extended family in your session please remember that you have just been through quite a bit and larger gatherings may cause you to become very tired very quickly and then risk being stressed during your session and not enjoying it.  In the event that you would like a larger gathering  I recommend that if you would like any siblings or grandparents present for your shoot that they arrive to your Room a half hour to 45 minutes into your scheduled session. This works especially well if they are all meeting the baby/babies for the first time to capture the best raw emotion.   This also allows the opportunity to capture intimate moments of you and your baby without the added stress or distraction of having others in the room.

Is this like a posed newborn session?

No. This is not a newborn posed session. It does not involve any props or special items other than what you brought with you to the hospital.  This session is not a replacement for a posed newborn session or lifestyle newborn session.   Your baby/babies, will change so much just by the time you bring them home from the hospital.  This session captures the awe of the life you have created, in the atmosphere, documenting your first moments with your baby.  

If you have a special outfit or blanket that you are taking your baby/babies home in please let me know during our pre-consultation so that I can ensure I put that in my list of must have photographs to capture.

How to prepare for your session

This time can pass by very  quickly and it’s important for you to know how to best be ready for your session.  I suggest that your baby is fed, changed and swaddled so that he or she is happy warm, and comfortable.  It’s important to remember that you have just delivered a baby  so please don’t stress out about tidying up the room or looking your best. Do what is comfortable and easy for you and don’t push it.  You will regret that later.   I recommend that you have a  loose set of clothes that are comfortable for you.  If you are nursing wear something that you can easily nurse in.

Your images

You will receive your images 24-48 hours after your session on a downloadable password protected gallery. Your session also comes with a  fully customized hardcover album with images from your session.   I will not post any birth announcement photos on social media or blog your session  until you have announced your new little one.  Please let me know if you don’t want me to share any photos on social media at all.  Sensitive images of you breastfeeding or diaper changes where your baby's parts are exposed will not be published to social media or make it to my blog.  I understand and value your privacy and I want to be sensitive to your needs.  

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**Due to inability to schedule these sessions because baby’s come when they want.  I only take a limited number of Fresh 48 sessions in a month!  Book your session early to guarantee your spot!**  Click below to start booking your session today!

"I love my images and it's so exciting to look back at this special time in our life and see what it looked like to see this special moment!" -Ana L.