A Time of Being Thankful

November is often called the month of thanks and giving.  It's such an awesome time to take a minute and think about the everyday things that surround me that often times I take for granted.  Nothing we have is ever guaranteed, not even our family.  

For the last couple months my heart has been rekindled with the  greatest joy for the greatest calling in my life,  being a mom. Let's face it as moms we don't wake up everyday jumping out of bed just so we can change diapers, clean up last nights dinner  that our toddlers splattered all over the floor and walls or argue about what clothes our child wants to or doesn't want to wear.  We love our kids but the nostalgia of being a parent wears off all to quickly in our everyday battles that we seem to go through.  

Every mom knows that being a mom is not for the faint of heart.  We have to always be alert, relaxation is a foreign word, and being able to go to the bathroom without someone needing our immediate attention is a rarity.  It's so hard to see past these hard stages.  I know it doesn't last for ever but it's hard to remember that when I can't see the light at the other end of the tunnel.  The truth is we only have the privilege of having our kids in our homes til their 18 years old.  They change so quickly, starting from the moment they are born!


Nothing stays the same for too long!

  Nothing stays the same for too long!  The reality of that has hit me so strongly, enabling me to look at my time with my kids differently.  Enjoying their sweet voices, new ideas, and long talks in a new valued light.  Knowing that their lil hands won't always fit into mine, their sweet voices will soon be filled with grown up ideas, and they won't always need my help.  I'm so thankful for every moment I share with them!!  They are truly a blessing!