What is the best time for a Maternity Session?

Lena Grey Photography- Scheduling a Maternity Session 

Lena Grey Photography- Scheduling a Maternity Session 

When is the best time to have a maternity sessions ?

You've decided to schedule a maternity session, now what?   If you're still not sure if a maternity session is right for you and need more convincing read my blog on Why you should schedule a maternity session.  

Maternity session usually occur when you are 32-36 weeks pregnant.  At this time your belly is big enough that you will have amazing images of this time.  Make sure that you schedule your maternity session early in your 2nd trimester.  This will ensure that you have a booked appointment and won't be trying to fit in last minute which may run the risk of not working with the photographer you want or not having a session at all.  Between 32-36 weeks of pregnancy baby is just starting that last growth spurt, and still has a little bit of room to move around. After 36 weeks is usually when mom's get really tired, its uncomfortable to move around and are generally uncomfortable.  This is a that you can't go back to re-do, you want enjoy yourself and remember a relaxing time.

What if I'm already past my 2nd trimester but still want to have a maternity session? Am I too late?

Don't panic!  If you are still in your 2nd trimester or early in your 3rd trimester there is still time. While it is better to schedule your session early on, scheduling a session outside of the 'ideal time' is still okay.  After all once that baby is born there is no pushing them back inside.   Your search might involve calling around a lot more to see who has an available opening that works for you, but don't stress.  As a maternity and baby photographer I have slots especially for last minute sessions.  

If you want more info regarding a maternity session head on over to our Maternity Sessions Information page.  If you would like to book a maternity session,  I'd love to chat with you about what you're vision is!  Call, email or click 'Learn More' to contact me.