Marcus and Alina

The Evan's family just recently welcomed their twins, Marcus and Alina as the newest members of their family.  I had the amazing opportunity to spend the morning with this beautiful family to capture their sweet moments!  

The  twins as well as the the three older siblings are loved and adored by mom and dad,Robert and Keely.  Connor, Elliott and Winona are the twin's older siblings. With three older siblings the twins are well taken care of and well loved!  

  Each one of the kids were so excited to have their picture taken with their new lil sister and brother.  The oldest,Connor was so sweet as he sang lullabies throughout their session to both Marcus and Alina if they started to fuss or cry.  Elliott loved just observing Marcus and Alina and made the most adorable comments about how small they were and how he couldn't really see their eyelashes or eyebrows.  Winona just wanted to share all the moments she could with her new brother and sister and mom and dad, whomever happened to be holding them, and loved to just cuddle!  This family had such a joy and peace about them, with plenty of sweet moments to caputure. 

Lifestyle Newborn Session- Lena Grey Photography
Lifestyle Newborn Session- Lena Grey Photography
Lena Grey Photography- Lifestyle Newborn Session

 Congratulations to Robert and Keely Evans and family on their beautiful new additions, Marcus and Alina!