6 Tips to making your Maternity Session successful


Have you ever looked forward to something so much and when you were done you were kind of disappointed that you didn't enjoy it more because you could have been more prepared? Me too!  My husband surprised me on our 10th dating anniversary and took me to the Melting Pot which is my all time favorite restaurant. If you've ever been you have a 4 course meal. It's good to know that you are going so you eat a very light lunch and an early one at that, ensuring you have plenty of room to gorge on all the deliciousness.  It was an awesome surprise but I was full after my salad.   

Had I known not to eat a big lunch and to eat early I would have been ready for the amazing food and not been so full after the salad.  So here are my tips to help you enjoy your maternity session that should be a time to remember with an amazing outcome you will love.    

Tip #1 :  Don't schedule anything the day before or day of your session

At this time in your pregnancy you might find yourself getting tired more easily.  I recommend that you don't schedule anything requires a lot of energy the day before your session and not scheduling anything the day of your session. Running from appointment to appointment will be stressful and wear you out. The look and feeling of being tired and stressed will more than likely show up in your images.   Instead  take the day to relax and pamper yourself.   This will ensure that you enjoy your session and look the best for your session.


Tip #2: Get a manicure and pedicure

Consider treating yourself to a mani + pedi.  This is a great way to relax and just enjoy some time to yourself or with some friends.  Another thing to consider is to have our nail polish match your clothing.  It might look a little awkward if your nails are painted orange and you're wearing green.  If you simply don't have the energy, please remember to take any old nail polish off before your session.  I will be taking pictures of your hands around your beautiful belly and old half done nails won't photograph very well. 


Tip #3: What to wear

Remember when picking out your wardrobe for your session that picking colors that compliment your home decor will make decorating your home with your images look more natural and have a flow.  Consider starting with your clothing choices first before you pick anyone else's out.  Please remember to wear something that reflects you and that is comfortable for you.  If your outfit is uncomfortable or it doesn't reflect who you are this is more than likely going to be reflected in your images by just looking uncomfortable or uncertain.   As you are picking your outfits for the session please don't hesitate to email me photos if there are things that you are not quite sure about.  I would love to help!


Tip #4: Showing some skin

If you have decided to show off your belly it's a good idea to remove any undergarments, waistbands, tight shirts or anything with elastic 2 hours before your session.  This will avoid any marks or impressions on your skin.  To add a radiant glow to your skin for those belly shots I recommend using a very absorbent moisturizer 1 to 2 hours before your session, this will allow your skin to absorb the moisturizer completely.  Try to avoid any moisturizers that are really greasy in nature that might not absorb  completely making your skin look wet and shiny.


Tip #5: Styling your Hair

 If you are considering getting a haircut or facial, I would recommend doing these activities at least 2 weeks before your session.  Just in case something goes wrong.  For your husband having a nice haircut a couple days before works well.  Just avoid trying a new style or new hairstylist.


Tip #6: Relax

As I said before take some time to just relax. You want to enjoy this moment of when you were this pregnant anticipating their arrival.  So later on down the road you can tell your lil one that you actually remember this exact moment.  After all this only happens once.

If you have any other tips I would love to hear them!  Leave them in the comments below!

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