Happy 2017!

Happy New Year!  It's January 2017 which means one thing, making new years resolutions or goals for the upcoming year are in full swing.  As I sat down to write out my 2017 goals I found myself getting  overwhelmed with where to begin. For one, as a mom my brain is bombarded with all the things that need to change (please tell me I'm not the only one) and two making a list of goals doesn't mean that I will accomplish them, in fact most of the goals I make I don't end up accomplishing most of them; okay maybe any of them.  So then what would be the point of even writing them down if I don't even accomplish them.  In my fervent contemplation I came across a quote from a french writer, Antione de Sant-Exupery, who said that "A goal without a plan is just a wish."   It was almost as if someone had reached through my phone screen and smacked me  as if to say "DUH!".   I wasn't making a plan of action to accomplish my goals for the year I was simply making a wish of what I wanted to change, no wonder the change was minimal, if any at all.  I realized that making a plan to conquer my resolutions was just as important if not more important than the resolutions it self.   With my list of goals in mind I started to make my plan.

My first step was to put my goals into categories such as Personal, Kids, House, Family, and Business. I picked them according to what I considered to be the major parts in my life.  Your categories might look different and that's okay.  Just pick categories that best define areas in your life. Within my 5 major categories I decided that I would put subcategories.  For example under Personal I had Fitness, under Kids, I listed my Kids names,  under House I listed Indoor and Outdoor and so on.  If you want to get super organized like me (my husband calls this anal retentive Hehe!)  you could have an overall goal for each category and then be a more specific about your goal for that area.  For example in my Personal category my overall goal is to take time for myself on a weekly basis; in my House category I decided that I would  make an overall goal of organization and cleaning up.  Then under my subcategory in House-Inside, I listed, 1.organize kids toys, 2.Set up a schedule and system for kids toy rotation.  Now  I know this sounds a bit like a to do list.  But like I said before I found that quote I realized I didn't have a plan to accomplish this stuff as well as they tended to be so broad that there were several ways I could accomplish those goals and I wasn't making an actual plan of action.  For instance going back to my House category  if i just listed -Get Organized-  there could be a million ways I could be organized.  Do I want to organize my kitchen, the kids rooms, or maybe color code my sock (I am don't have time to be that anal, if you do you are my hero and you need to teach me your ways!)  So by defining what I want to organize and how I want to organize it I have created a plan.  

I decided to take this one step further of being organized ( or anal depending on how you see things).  I wanted to make a more definitive plan of how I would reach these goals.  I don't know about you but as a mom I tend to feel like my brain is overloaded with all of the things that need to be thought of and accomplished in a day not to mention an entire year!  So I wanted to make this an easy reference to look back on if I forgot or got sidetracked as well as being able to cross it off the list because it had been accomplished. So I decided I would define how I would do each of these goals.   If I wanted to take more time for myself each week what did that look like?  Was I going to get up at 5am every morning before my kids got up( probably not because I am not a morning person)?  Was this time going to interfere with any scheduled activities for me or my kids for this month?  Or was I going to take a week to organize a room  of the house ?   How many rooms should I plan to organize in a month?     Again this helped me in making a plan not just wishing for change!   

         I realized that by making a plan to accomplish these goals  meant simply taking a little more time in defining what I was looking to accomplish and then how I might manage my time to go about conquering those goals whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly.  I also realized that not everything goes as planned !  So as I trying to accomplish these resolutions I needed to realize that in reality not all of this is going to go right on time to accomplish everything and I needed to accept the variations or time lapses that might occur.  Kids get sick, family events occur regurlary, things do happen last minute and so on.  So giving myself grace is essential, especailly as a mom!  Good luck with making your goals and your plan to accomplish them!

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Jessica Schissler