Welcoming Eli

There is nothing liking watching the miracle of a little one being born.  The joy of finally meeting that small bundle that you've been nurturing inside of you for 9 months.  Seeing what they actually look like for the first time is a unforgettable precious moment. As a photographer it is something that doesn't get old or mundane.  Having a photographer capture this moment that only happens once is such a great way to savor the moment

Eli's Story B & W-8.jpg

Remembering these moments is so hard when so many things happen so fast. Being in active labor makes it difficult to take in the truly sweet moments that occur, like this one between mom and dad. 

Taking in surrounding before this little blessing is greeted by his mom and dad on the outside world.  

This little man arrived not a minute to soon at 9:46 PM.  The familiar sound of mom and dad's voice soothed his brand new cry.  

These precious moments with dad were so touching.  In a new place full of uncertainty, dad's presence comforted him; even through the tough parts of being examined, cleaned up, measured and weighed.

Welcome baby Eli Samuel! - Congratulations to Jason, Lenee' and Asher to the new addition to your family!